Teeny Titans hacking and codes on android / ios. Adventure RPG where users are invited to assemble an invincible team of young heroes. All these characters are familiar to you firsthand, Vedas are the most famous defenders of the innocent DC Universe. Just now they are children with super powers. But we assure you that this game has not become less bright and dynamic. The site contains codes for the most popular games, including Hungry Shark Heroes, Hill Climb Racing and others.

The character you control is Robin, the very right hand of the Dark Knight. He needs to bypass the streets of the city, and look for the figures of his team of titans. Your assistants will have a virtual map that will indicate the locations of the guys, put a mark and move towards it. All pieces are bought for money, after which Raven appears, who must be defeated in battle.

Teeny Titans cheat

Initially, the character has two powers, but the leveling will add him skills, and he will become more powerful. Do not forget that the fights take place in real time, and his energy is responsible for these super powers. If you defeat a villain, a certain amount will be put into your account that you need to spend on buying other friends. By the way, a trio of heroes can participate in one duel at once. Therefore, you can come up with different variations that will give the best results.

Teeny Titans cheat

  • 150 000 coins – A2_uXmUPA5V
  • Remove Ads – 9B_Idy3gGw0

In the game Teeny Titans there are tasks, competitions and other events where you can earn a little and get new strength. During the gameplay, you need to collect seventy fighters, and this is a tidy sum, especially considering that everyone requires an upgrade. With us you can use codes Teeny Titans for a lot of money.


  • 70 DC superheroes;
  • unique skills for each character;
  • variety of bonuses;
  • dozens of missions, tournaments and mini-tasks;
  • the villains of the universe;
  • plot on the same series;
  • upgrade each character;
  • cartoon graphics.


My kids love the game. BUT the game crashes and takes forever to load, but only on my phone… It works fine on theirs for some reason, despite being a later model than my own. I also don’t understand why there’s ads in a game I PAID for, and no way to disable them either.

Teeny Titans hack

I think the game Teeny Titans is amazing. But the figs I was expecting the league of legs the justice league mega legasus young justice. The mocking jays punk rocket stage 4 anger Titans Titans origin stories raven as Rapunzel Pinocchio Benjamin Franklin.

I have really enjoy this game, and after I had defeated the hooded hood I continued to have fun trying to collect all the figs. I would like to see more from this game like more missions.

More tournaments, and defiantly the Bears, tiny donkey beast boy, golden editions of the Titans and hive, golden sticky joe, and more

I would love to see these and more soon


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