The Outlived-free for free, cheat codes for a lot of money. Unlimited resources, gifts for Android and iOS. The Outlived: Zombie Survival – an extreme adventure in the genre of survival. This role-playing project offers you to plunge into the chain of events that unfolds after a terrible pandemic, which has tilted almost the entire population of the earth.

The man became a thoughtless beast, a zombie devouring the survivors. Now they have rallied into whole flocks, and are hunting for you. Try to create the most secure place, help other gamers and build a new world together. Monsters and zombies often become popular, the Monster High Beauty Shop is proof of that.

The Outlived: Zombie Survival hack

Choosing a single campaign, you will have a hard time. Since you need to explore alone the vast territory of the virtual environment, which is teeming with stray dead. Even a simple process of extracting provisions and resources will seem like hell of anguish for you. After all, these creatures will not let you pass if you are not prepared. Collect weapons, build objects of protection and try as little as possible to catch the eye of others.

Cheat The Outlived: Zombie Survival

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Cooperative game will help simplify some tasks. I play with others, you can share responsibilities between the participants. Thus save a lot of time and spend it on improving your rating. Together it is easier to find a building as a bunker, equip it and put more zombie traps. Easier to find food, water and clothing. And in this mode, added chat for clan members. This in turn will help to quickly solve internal problems that have arisen.

The Outlived: Zombie Survival

Despite the hackneyed theme of doomsday and zombie apocalypse, the developers managed to create an interesting and exciting product. A cheat codes The Outlived, this is an opportunity to get game sets from the game store. This many hours of adventure, which will show how risky you are in difficult situations. Explore the dying world, learn new crafts and destroy as many dead as possible.

Game Feature:

  • modern graphic elements;
  • several online game modes;
  • disparate survival missions;
  • vast territories of the virtual world and many locations;
  • extended inventory and many resources;
  • thought-out crafting system.


Warning Don’t Spend Money, they have no problem taking your money/ Bbut you don’t get what you buy! I have written 2 emails with no response… update: I got a response only after posting a nasty review, even though they have my money. They aren’t going to do anything for (7 to 14 working days, that only counts Monday thru Friday). So to the people spending your not a priority, remember that before giving them your money!


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