The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt hacking – a strategic action game in which you will become a real corsair trying to conquer sea borders. You – Jolly Rogers, captain of a small court, a pirate who wants to become famous and become rich. But the path to the dream is thorny, and you have to prove that you deserve to be called a captain. Learn to skillfully master the techniques with a blade and become an excellent strategist.

The virtual world is quite realistic and huge. Ahead of you are incredible adventures and difficult challenges. Where you will need to learn how to take the merchant ships by storm and seize entire fortresses. You must constantly undertake something, rob and search for treasures on the islands, otherwise lack of money and hunger can affect your reputation. A pirate is calm when he is full, there is a bottle of rum in his hand, and silversmiths rustle in his pocket.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt cheat

The campaign in the game is designed for many hours of passage. Versatile gameplay elements constantly present pleasant surprises, and in principle there will be no time to relax. Do not forget that your strength lies not only in improving the character. But also in the number and greatness of the ships under your leadership. Here you can purchase dozens of ships and build your own fleet that can protect your territory from the attacks of other pirates.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt cheat codes

  • 20,000 gold coins – XK36NJYQB3
  • Base Forts – Q3IZV35VO5
  • Pile o’Houses – I9UN25IF1B
  • Remove advertisements – 2SV4V9OQCR
  • HMS Duke of Kent – ZJG078AAH0
  • 10 rubies – NWR3LER5NL
  • Total Town Pack – A4CFEQE4L9
  • Santísima Trinidad – I10C49PNZB

With a well-thought-out plan and a bag of gold you can become a magnificent pirate. With the hacked The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt for Android, you will become financially independent and can begin to gradually move towards the goal. A lot of money for free cheat codes, buy a flotilla and hire goons who will protect your beliefs at the cost of your life.


  • realistic graphic elements;
  • court management implemented with elements of physics;
  • two dozen varieties of ships with original improvements;
  • creating your own flotilla;
  • dozens of captain skills;
  • extensive virtual world map;
  • numerous missions;
  • multiplayer with PvP and PvE modes.

Reviews The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

This game is one of the coolest and prettiest games I’ve ever played. The gameplay is good, the AI is good and I was surprised to find this kind of game on non PC platform. If you like the age of sail, get this. Also, say goodbye to your friends and family because you will forget them and waste all your time on this game.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt hack

Great game… never get boring to play it.. play it the way you want….. New update is cool. more enemy ship near port (open wolrd) is mean more war. Can add 1 more ship from 4 ship to 5 ship. I hope for future update, can add explotion effect. Just say.. when gun powder barrel get hit by cannon balls.


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