The Sims Mobile hack for android – the first and most successful emulation of real life for mobile devices. With each new release of the project and its updates, you can see that the Sims developers are trying to transfer all aspects and the smallest details of the modern life of the young generation. Unusual details and features of the gameplay are added, and now the user is free to create his own virtual world where he can dive during a break or before going to bed.

It is easy to guess that the first step to realizing your own virtual space for a gamer needs to be done by creating your own clone. If you wish, you can use a random selection of appearance, but it is not as exciting as imagining the image itself. The menu allows you to choose the skin color, eye shape, lip size, hair, clothes, height and, of course, choose the name of your hero. The Simpsons Tapped Out codes can also be found on the site and build your own city.

The Sims Mobile cheat

In the first stages, you will have a small but very cozy apartment, which you can equip or gradually sell or buy in order to get something better. Buy various accessories, create an unusual interior and breathe life into the room. Do not forget that a sim needs to rest, so he must have his own corner of comfort.

The Sims Mobile cheat codes

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Not the last role in your life will play and work. Unfortunately, you cannot get away from it if you want to live well and not to deny yourself anything. However, after a workday, you can have a good time having fun by going to a club with friends or by taking up an interesting hobby. Working, you will ensure a good life for yourself, you can save money and experience. Set goals and gradually go to them, becoming a full-fledged representative of the virtual society.

The Sims Mobile hack

Here you will find like-minded people, be able to build relationships with other Sims and, possibly, find your real virtual soul mate with which you will create a social cell. On our site you can free codes The Sims Mobile for a lot of money. Cheat codes work on Android, iOS platform and allow you to get a lot of money on the account. This will help you settle down and live some time for your pleasure.

Characteristic game The Sims Mobile:

  • independent version of the game;
  • many locations;
  • incredible customization options;
  • all sorts of variations to create your life;
  • work, hobbies and entertainment;
  • acquaintance with interesting personalities


I am a huge fan of the game play! I am less as fond of how you can only do about 30 activities before you need to either pay money for energy and or use some in game objects (bed, toilet, shower, ). That would be find if you could use it any time you wanted to recharge. However they cannot be. There is a limited amount of times you can use them and then after you have used them all up you have to wait an extremely long amount of time (20 hours in some cases) before you can use that object again to recharge. 

Love how much you can customize your sims! That is one of the best updates in this game! The jobs are fun and you can do them as much as you like! It is a great addition to the game that you can help them complete their activities faster by helping them do things! I do however wish that the jobs paid a bit more in comparison to the price of the objects in the game! Also the addition of the parties is a nice add on as well! It is cool that you can come into contact with other people playing the game! 

I love the game play, sometimes I am a little confused. Like right now my sims has a child and there is supposed to be a way to grow their relationship but whenever I do an activity with the kid it doesn’t progress the bar measuring the level. Maybe that is just a quirk. I don’t know because it isn’t clear what is supposed to be happening.


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