The Sun: Origin hacked for android – action in a post-apocalyptic setting for mobile devices. Plot branches and the basic concept itself rather closely resemble the well-known Stalker project, but this is where their similarities end. Unlike such games, this one was released specifically for smartphones, which had a positive effect on optimization. Here is a cool three-dimensional graphics and many dangerous locations, screaming about the tragedy of unimaginable scales.

After the man-made pandemic, real chaos ensued. The whole earth was burned with chemicals, the supplies of drinking water and provisions are running out, and it is for them that bloodshed is now being conducted. The value of human life has plummeted, everyone is trying to save and hold out for at least one more day. Part of the world’s population was buried at the very beginning. But the remaining turned into fierce animals, whose only goal is to survive.

Throughout the gameplay, you must become a collector who travels to devastated cities in search of food, weapons and other useful resources. Do not think that you will be able to meet like-minded people or friends along the way; everyone you meet will see you as a means of survival. Be cool and decisive, only in this case will be able to get as far as possible.

On our site you can find free codes for The Sun: Origin. These cheats work great on Andorid, iOS platforms and give preference. This hack will allow you to acquire some resources for survival and fighting monsters. The game will amaze you with its atmosphere of high-quality picture detail, and numerous missions will plunge into difficult situations that will require decisive action.

The Sun: Origin characteristic:

  • thoughtful storyline;
  • hundreds of opponents and mutants;
  • numerous levels and changing terrain;
  • dynamic gameplay;
  • a variety of resources and weapons.


After the latest update to the game I noticed the following
1) Before enemies like ghouls and marauders spawned in deserted locations but now they now more respawn 

2) the English version still has Russian in it

3) missing dialogues again 

4) Random encounters appear way less now and the way I describe it is now forester level 

The Sun: Origin cheat

1) let their be an alternative way to solve quests especially he ones that have to do with giving money to someone because most times the price is too expensive

2) fix the scarlets and knights main missions they are broken from what it seems

3) when a quest is over and we have a quest item on us that belonged to that particular quest let us be able to store it 

4) add odd jobs that allow us take random missions to make money 

5) know there should be realism but this is still a game. The player shouldn’t be locked out of a quest if we don’t want to take it quest yet e.g first encounter with brainwave in rusty wasteland 

The Sun: Origin hack

6) The game shouldn’t be unplayable after every update rather than starting a new game and when new things are added to places already cleared out by the player let them be there till we find it.

7) like fallout let us have charisma checks to convince people

I know you are trying your best to make this game wonderful and you have done so with everything so far but there are still a lot to fix.


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