The Walking Dead: Our World on Android hacking – is a one-of-a-kind strategic action game based on the use of realistic visual elements of additional reality. This modern solution has clearly advanced postapocalyptic applications to a completely different level. Because such innovations provide much more opportunities for game maneuvers. The principle of gameplay in this game is borrowed from the Pokemon GO, that is. For the passage we also need a camera and the Internet.

Game locations here are the world around us. That is, if you are in the park and enter the game, it is from your park that the research of the territory and the search for zombies begins. No matter where you are, there will always be work for you, because the number of the walking dead never runs out. Gradually gather resources to improve your skills, as well as build protective structures in bunkers. If you take part in everyday competitions for the performance of certain missions. You will be able to tear a tidbit from the cake in the form of additional equipment, ammunition and arsenal.

The Walking Dead: Our World cheat

Often you will meet and characters from the TV series “The Walking Dead.” They will not just flicker on the display, but will be able to help you when difficulties arise. Do not forget that you can rally with other real gamers. Cooperative interaction will significantly increase the percentage of victories and allow you to clean up your city’s territory much faster Often, zombies will attack groups on bashi shelter. To protect your subjects, you must constantly improve the barricades.

The Walking Dead: Our World cheat codes

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The action has stunning graphics, well-drawn characters and constantly changing mission conditions. Due to this, the study of its capabilities constantly presents pleasant surprises. The Walking Dead: Our World codes for Android, if you have long wanted to feel like one of the few survivors in a world where chaos and death reigns.


Hit: Get to play as a zombie survivalist in your local neighborhood. Even better if you play this in the jogging tracks. Activities are a plenty. Good weapons, heroes and perks are available for both cash and free players thus creates a diverse and balanced game. Miss: AR capabilities still requires improvements. Perhaps should utilise GPS to pinpoint location instead of the camera. Multiplayer requires improvements. Suggest a “Call for Backup” feature to call nearby clansmen as custom hero.

The Walking Dead: Our World hack

Ive played this game for a couple weeks. It plays without issue on a Galaxy J7 Crown. But would not work on my previous Galaxy Core Prime phone. Gameplay is pretty straight forward, play to gain access to key TV Characters. Have them on your team to advance to more complex encounters. The red shirts you team with early on will soon leave you retreating. But the key characters are readily available if one plays enough. i have Michone, Carol, Daryl, and Rick to help me along the way.


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