This War of Mine is hacked on Android and iOS (with cheats). Bonus codes, unlock all items and items, get a lot of money, level up. The free game has hidden features, you will learn how to get them, after carefully studying the article. This War of Mine is an interesting Survival, in which you have to survive in a war-torn city.

Under the player’s control there will be three heroes at once, which will greatly save time during the passage. Day is the best time to go for resources. Look for food, weapons, and tools in the dilapidated buildings. The hardest thing to get water, so it’s best to leave it with a reserve. In a war, it’s hard to find a machine gun or a rifle fit for work, so you’ll have to craft them yourself.

Make it easy in the inventory of the character does not work, so you need to look for special items. For cooking, a fire with a kettle will fit, and to create more complex things you need a workbench.

This War of Mine cheat codes hacking

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Night is the most dangerous time in which everyone who wants to get rich on someone else’s mountain goes hunting. It is better to wait her at home, or go to explore the poorly populated locations. To fully protect yourself it is desirable to build a simple shelter before the onset of darkness.

This War of Mine hack

The developers have worked on the plot. Along the way you will get to know a large number of heroes who are ready to kill you or help you. Branches in history provide a large number of endings, in which everything depends only on the player’s actions in the past.

Control of the game is simple and implemented with additional keys on the screen. You should not worry that it will be impossible to manage three heroes at once, because the game is partly step-by-step. Between the actions of the characters there is a small pause, for which you will have time to perform all the necessary actions.

Codes This War of Mine free for the game available on the site, it will unlock all the locations. You can immediately go to the most dangerous places. Or go to the building with the largest number of various resources. The full version of the game in the Play Market is paid, but on our site you can find codes to get it for free. So you can try your hand at the cruel and unjust world of the game.

Game reviews

I LOVE this game. It’s so easy to pick up and get lost in it for hours! Iv been playing this on and off for about 2 years and only have one playthrough left until iv completed! Thanks developers good job! Edit- completed them all and still playing.

This War of Mine cheat

Glorious game. It is fantastic in every way. Playing it for years now, and I’m happy to see developers maintaining this game for a long time. I have bought this game 3 times: on PC, PS4 and Android. Every version is great. I hope we will see This War of Mine 2 with a much bigger city to explore.

This is the first game that gave me uncontrollable happiness and in the next five minute crippling depression. This is by far my favorite game but of course there are a few dislikable features. Every now and then one of my survivors will decide that they would rather teleport just to eat a chicken leg from the fridge.


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