TO-FU Oh! SUSHI hacking on Android and iOS, get a lot of money, guides and tips. Cheat codes in the game, tips and boosters and boosts. TO-FU Oh! SUSHI – create your own roll recipe in this amazing simulator. Imagine that you opened a small point on the outskirts of the city, this is a small sushi restaurant, where they prepare some of the most delicious dishes.

But in order to find out about your establishment, you need to make a good advertisement, and maybe even come up with an unusual menu. All this during the gameplay you should do. Gradually improving the skills of their employees and sushi. Games of different genres are available on our website. You will also find the Hello Neighbor codes.

TO-FU Oh!SUSHI cheat

You have three kitchens, each of them prepare certain types of rolls. When an animal comes to you and orders a dish with certain ingredients, you should know which kitchen to go to. So you can quickly give the order, and customers will always be satisfied with the service and be sure to visit you next time.

TO-FU Oh!SUSHI cheat codes, hacking:

  • Sushi Fever! – ic_0WfC1xlw
  • Nigiri Pack – 1Y_3KGJ0wPR

As you know, for the right rolls all the ingredients must be fresh, so there are special aquariums for fish and squid. You catch them, peel them, boil rice and start cooking. Moreover, the process must be controlled independently, the only way to achieve a special quality product. Another nuance is that you can prepare any kind of sushi for the visitor, because if the service is top notch, he will still be grateful.


There are a lot of funny animals in the game, which are both visitors and employees of your sushi bar. Gradually earning fame and means for expanding your business, you will be able to order new products for the kitchen and refresh the interior. Well, we suggest to immediately engage in creative, cheats and codes TO-FU Oh! SUSHI on android and wasps.


  • beautiful graphic elements and animations;
  • various stages in cooking;
  • almost a hundred kinds of rolls that can be cooked in three kitchens;
  • product varieties and aquariums;
  • create your own recipes.

Some player reviews:

Unable to restore purchase with customer service who chooses to ignore you. i purchased to unlock all options for my daughter, when i had it redownloaded onto a device my daughter uses i couldn’t restore the purchase, the restore purchase option was greyed out and it seems like a dead button.

This game is really cool and you can interact with a lot of things, but soon, it gets really boring for me. One of my brothers (3 yrs) plays this game for days and never gets bored, because obviously, he’s just a little kid. I’m technically a child as well, but this gets boring pretty fast. At first I loved playing this game with my little brother, but now whenever he asks me to play with him I get really annoyed, and most of the time I just play it with him so he will be happy.


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