Truck Simulator 2018: Europe is a lot of money – a mobile simulation that offers a realistic journey through many localities. The application will show you how difficult truckers have to do and will give you the opportunity to try to overcome all the difficulties that the road has prepared. The visual quality of the project at a high level, the developers also tried to bring the gameplay itself to reality, so even a simple delivery of the goods for you to turn into a real quest.

For almost hundreds of missions, you will be faced with various nuances that make it difficult to deliver the goods intact. These will be models of the most common situations.

Such as bad roads, on which it is difficult to cope with driving a truck, various types of traffic breakdowns and the weather. Which always interferes with getting to the right place in time. The game world is even more than in the World Truck Driving Simulator. You will not only go by motorways, but also visit remote villages and cities with crowded traffic.

Sometimes in order to drive a certain part of the way, you need unrealistic efforts. And experience that can only be obtained in practice. When you get to the right place, and the load will be intact, get paid for the work and be able to open new missions. Interestingly, as you explore the world and complete certain goals. A player can even open his own business and make money on the machine. This is possible if you manage to collect the entire auto collection and hire truckers.

Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe android

With a lot of money mod Truck Simulator 2018: Europe for Android, each player will be able to feel like a real king of the road. The hacked version will allow you to purchase any of the available trucks in the fleet and adjust its parameters for your convenience.

Reviews Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

The graphics are awesome, The trucks look very realistic and the jobs, Drivers, and a company is a great idea but I we want more stuff like free roam, Big cities, multiplayer, more realistic roads, More things to do with your company and stuff that players can use or see in the game, and also the trucks should have a more better turning radius.

Truck Simulator 2018 : Europe hack

Truly the best, better with every update. Can you upgrade textures and make sync for the game? Some more physical will be nice like the way trees effort by the winds? Im nature lover so reason for playing this game is to enjoy graphics. Also make this game harder, increase prices of all vehicles, workers!

Need other vehicles, need civilian, need human, and more animals. It’s need something for the game more lively. But overall this is very good game!

Game Feature:

  • three-dimensional world with numerous cities and highways;
  • about ten trucks of different characteristics;
  • realistic driving system with physics;
  • difficult models of situations on the road;
  • control setting and camera;
  • dozens of tasks.

Truck Simulator 2018: Europe cheat, codes:

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