Trucker Joe hacked – is a trucker simulator game. You have to help Joe to become one of the sought-after freight forwarders. And at the very beginning you will have practically nothing for this. To achieve success in this difficult task will be possible only with full commitment. So try to fulfill your first orders with high quality and before the persuaded deadlines.

With the tractor and the trailer, you will drive through the first maps. Be able to find some work that will bring the first capital and the opportunity to improve transport. The first step is to figure out which points on the virtual map are responsible for the production of certain materials. Having dealt with these details, select for yourself the plant from which you will transport the cargo. Find the point of delivery and start your journey. Also on the site you will find codes for the game Motor Depot, as well as access to unlimited resources.

Trucker Joe cheat

Perhaps one of the most important working conditions is refueling the vehicle. Without the right amount of fuel, the truck will stall and Joe will not be able to deliver materials on time, lose his earnings, reputation and customers.

Trucker Joe cheat codes, Android, iOS:

100 diamonds – 6YKQBCQGG3

1 500 000 coins – 4CXYECB6AJ

In addition, there are many other obstacles waiting for the entrepreneur on the way to the point of delivery. Be careful and vigilant. However, this is more than pay off when calculating with customers, and you can buy, for example, a new tractor or a better trailer to be able to transport more cargo.

Our site has a lot of money version for Trucker Joe for Android, you can download it for free right now. This hacking unlocks previously inaccessible elements, and also provides an opportunity to buy powerful equipment to start a profitable business.


  • pleasant two-dimensional visualization;
  • numerous tasks and achievements;
  • truck variety;
  • leader table;
  • easy transport management.


Lowered score from 5 to 2. Cut out the notifications! Your game does not benefit from it, it’s annoying and resets my preferences after an update. Notification settings were reset after an update you released. A phone notification should be for something important, not to remind someone to play a game they would already be playing if they wanted to.

Trucker Joe hack

This game is perfect for passing time weather on a plane or long car journey. Simply because it can be played offline…… Always a bonus if you don’t like the adds 1 thing though. when using the twin trailer it is very laggy and buggy and slow. not a problem with any other trailer..

I’ve persevered with this game and I can honestly say that it has improved greatly , the glitches have been ironed out completely and you can progress without having to fork a fortune out. My only advice to the developer is let’s have some more double trailers and maybe a rigid box van and drag, rigid bulker or even a wrecker. Honestly your doing a great job mate keep it up.


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