Unnie Doll hacking for android is a stylish casual project where you will learn how to dress up your dolls. Visually, the game resembles drawn anime in pastel colors, and the gameplay itself is similar to the simulator Pastel Girl. You will be in the hands of unlimited resources for creativity, do not be afraid to dream and boldly experiment to get unusual and funny images for your dolls.

With many elements, the game also resembles Tamagotchi, because here you have to create a girl from scratch. Who, thanks to your efforts, will soon become a fashion star. But before that you are still far away, because you need to figure out what your character will be. Initially, the doll will not even face, you need to dream up and choose the color of her skin, eyes, hair and more. And after that you can go to the store and start picking up clothes, evening and even fancy dresses.

Unnie doll cheat

In addition to the main tasks, you can have fun by performing various mini-tasks that will not only raise your spirits. But also allow you to get some money for shopping. Inside the game store offers thousands of outfits of different styles and for every taste, you can choose the appropriate accessories, shoes, bows and much more. Moreover, the more you experiment, the faster new clothes will become available.

Unnie doll cheat codes

  • Special Hair – F3smuA4BUz
  • Premium Pack – FEUSlFBHcz
  • Special Autumnclothes – IlcNEWrBby
  • Special Magicclothes – L0mzXIGERE
  • Special Bags – JktRqMkPFB
  • Special Petsticker – zEgki5qYUp
  • Premium Pack 2 – vHCG4tFH3i
  • Special Christmasclothes – jYQQCCEEEf

By the way, when the first doll is ready, you can begin to create new characters. In fact, this is endless entertainment, in which experiments are highly welcomed. And with the hacked version of Unnie Doll clicker on android, you will have a chance to open all available clothes. Download the game with the mod all unlocked and use the entire extended wardrobe for free.

Unnie doll Game Feature:

  • beautiful traits of characters;
  • creation of types and images of dolls from scratch;
  • thousands of outfits and accessories for all tastes;
  • simplest navigation;
  • fun mini-games with rewards.


I only have 1 question, how do y’all think conversions work? tabs are $2 rn because of a sale, I’m European so I assumed it’d be 2 euro or less. but it’s more… how does that work? 🤔🤔🤔 I’d have bought it if it were 2 euro or 2 dollar but since I wanted multiple things the prices would accumulate too much. please fix this!

I think oppa and unnie should be combined into one app. The styles are identical and to combine them both would offer the option to make couples and dress all characters in all options of clothing.
It would be cool since having both apps is redundant but they offer slightly different things.

Unnie doll hack

I think the developer should strongly think about doing this, I and I feel like others would be way more willing to pay for an app like that.

I like this app but it needs some adjustments or suggestions I per say? Lol. Well, I highly suggest to add on nose features because there’s none in the app. Including adjusting the characters to pose in many different ways to make it as a profile picture cartoon figure or send as a sticker to messages would nice to do. That’s all. ^.^
Thank you.


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