Virtual Beggar hacked for Android and iOS. Get virtual cards, access to valuable resources. Unlimited resources, valuable boosters and tips on passing. Virtual Beggar – a clicker with elements of survival for mobile devices. Poverty has never had merits, but not everyone knows how to fight it. In this retro simulator, you must help the homeless to the top of the social ladder and become a respected person.

To begin, let’s start with simple steps to independence, for example: let’s start looking for food and a place to spend the night. We need to strive for the best and look for options for underworking, agree to lucrative offers, thanks to which you can later open your business. But first you need to put yourself in order, trim your beard, buy a more or less decent outfit, and at least rent a room in a hostel.

Virtual Beggar cheat codes, hacking:

  • 5 000 virtual cards – q2F_QtOKr9Q
  • No Ads – yoL_aArTwsy

Do simple tasks and do not be discouraged if you are unable to do everything correctly. Even when you open a small business, it’s tedious to work and look for additional opportunities to replenish the wallet. Having opened the first business, hire responsible people and teach them the basics of the profession. You can travel around the world and even beyond, to afford to spend money on buying a car or a villa.

Virtual Beggar hack

At first, it will be very difficult to get rid of bad habits and laziness, but if you force yourself, then your efforts will be repeatedly rewarded. And we have a decent offer for every gamer, with whom you will have a huge amount of funds for business development. Virtual Beggar cheat codes for android with the ability to get a lot of money you can use for free directly from our site.


  • setting the appearance of the character;
  • promotion on the social scale and business creation;
  • with increasing levels of development, new opportunities are opening up;
  • purchase of all kinds of property;
  • you can hire workers at the company;
  • retro style graphics;
  • Traveling around the world;
  • record table;
  • built-in chat for communication with gamers.

Some player reviews:

Ever since the most recent update, I’ve been flooded with bugs. Time doesn’t move how it should (things take longer than they should), I lost my daily login streak bonus despite never missing a day at 33, and I can no longer watch an ad to double the profits of my workers. Needs fixed ASAP please and thank you.

Virtual Beggar cheat

Fun to play, only wish action rewards weren’t so highly weighted towards the lowest reward, and so lowly weighted towards the highest one. Tour bus for example, you can get from 4 to 120 something virtual cards per trip. I ALWAYS get 4.


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