War Dragons hacking on android, for free, cheats and codes. Tips for passing, guides, elite account. War Dragons – network RTS with thoughtful gameplay and incredible gaming potential. In fact, this is a cool symbiosis of Clash Royale and Dragon Lands with amazing visualization. A lot of add-ons, heroes and resources that open up as you complete missions.

You will find yourself in a fascinating fantasy world where a bloody war broke out for the throne. In the center of events is your character who has received an unusual gift. You need to understand the fire-breathing dinosaurs, who will soon help him to return everything that was stolen from him.

War Dragons cheat

At the beginning of the path you are allowed to control only one dragon, but this will be enough to terrify those who want your death. Capturing the fortress, you can start producing new reptiles.

They will also need to be fed, tamed and trained for the upcoming numerous battles. Each species of dragon is unique in its abilities. They will not only breathe fire, but also learn the wisdom of magic. They in turn allow you to perform unimaginable military maneuvers.

War Dragons cheat & codes

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To strengthen their possessions will require new protective structures. In a difficult moment they will repel the attacks of enemies. Since the game is positioned as a multiplayer strategy, you can call on the help of his comrades.

Create whole guilds and help each other get stronger. In the game you can collect a whole collection of rare dragons – there are more than a hundred of them in all. War Dragons cheat codes for android, this is an opportunity to get a lot of money. You will find yourself in a world full of mysteries and possibilities. Learn it and become a master of taming dragons.

Game features:

  • three-dimensional environment with detailed terrain detailing;
  • more than a hundred varieties of dragons;
  • discovery of skills and leveling;
  • building fortresses;
  • battles with the strongest enemy armies;
  • guilds of players are available;
  • weekly battles with decent wins.

War Dragons game reviews

Awesome Dragons! Think it would be kool to find your own island and set it up by the lay of the land for your dragons. Who knows, we could come up with a better defense if everyone’s Fortress was different. Just sayin’! (Not one to follow the “Jones”) Even though I had Vertigo for 3 months. I was still able to play this game when I couldn’t play other games. I had already on my phone! Still give it a.

War Dragons hack

I love this game. It never strikes me boring or unsatisfying, like games I usually play. I never get bored, because it’s always a new thing to do or accomplish. It’s also so satisfying and when you get a hard earned dragon or finally upgrade that storage vault.

So nice! I especially love it when we win team wars or go to the next team ranking, but there’s one problem I’d love to fix. Why does it cost money to do so much??? If you could finish the game without paying the money for it, then people might start respecting that and start playing more, or buying packs to make it exciting.


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