War Robots is an android hacking game – a futuristic online shooter where players enter a deadly fight in PvP modes. If you are an experienced strategist who has become accustomed to anticipating the actions of the enemy a few moves ahead.

This project will offer you plenty of opportunities for self-realization. However, do not forget that this is not a single campaign and the gameplay involves team fights. Where you need to think for the other five clan members. Join random battles with other teams and win the title of the best squad of combat vehicles. There are many action games available on Google Play, the Home Design Makeover will let you relax and relax.

War Robots cheat

At first you will have a far from the best model robot, but soon, thanks to the acquisition of numerous details. You will be able to create an explosive weapon. There are thirteen robots with diverse capabilities on the field and each of them is available for purchase. There are also twenty types of weapons. Gradually picking up the details to your iron brainchild. You will achieve the perfect balance of power and endurance. Earn and collect perfect fighters.

War Robots cheat

  • 2 500 pieces of gold bullions – AlycgdxpZ2
  • Medium box of keys – TeuNIKjFuf
  • One month of VIP – Q7p5VTvWDd
  • Resources starter-pack – BmodfmxGsW

Before the fight, players are divided into teams of six cars each. Will win the one that will survive the attack of the enemy and destroy opponents to the last. However, there is a temporary limitation – under the condition of equal forces.

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Each battle lasts about ten minutes, after which damage is calculated and a more active team is awarded a victory. Cheats War Robots provides a premium, which allows after all the fights to get the player 50% more profit. Also protection is included, eliminating the consequences of cheat codes.

Game Feature:

  • in the arsenal of 20 types of weapons;
  • 13 cars with original skills;
  • various combinations in the upgrade;
  • excellent implementation of modern 3-D graphics;
  • the creation of clans and fights in the balance of 6 to 6;
  • Various combinations in the improvement of robots;
  • Internet connection required.


This game (was) amazing.. Mechs in a battle arena is fun and at launch this game was great.. However, the only changes made to the game since then have been additions to in-app purchases.

Most of which are mechs and weapons that require $100+ purchases to unlock in game. The cost of an entire game on console or pc.. I’d drop a few dollars here and there if the investment was worth it but the most it will get you is 1/1000 of what you need to unlock a weapon or mech. Fix it plz & add cabin view.

War Robots hack

Love this game! The best 1st person shooter team play out there. They are always working on tweaks to improve the experience. Very generous with gold,silver,tech points, parts to build new weapons and new bots. I do have just one gripe! The controls use to be more flexible on where I put my fingers for movement of the robot.


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