Warfare Nations hacking on Android and iOS, this is an opportunity to get a lot of money in the game. Diamonds, unlimited resources, boosters and tips. Warfare Nations is a strategy on a large scale for mobile devices. Here you are invited to immerse yourself in the events affecting the forties of the last century, when the two most powerful armies of the land unleashed a war. Build your own city in the game SimCity BuildIt. And using cheat codes, you can quickly get a lot of money.

As one of the commanders, you are offered to rebuild entire bases from the ground up, places for resource extraction. You will build tanks and airplanes, train soldiers and more.

Warfare Nations hack

Short training before the first operation will allow you to understand how the gameplay is arranged and what manipulations should be carried out in order to destroy the enemy. Soon you will develop victorious tactics with which you will minimize your losses, but increase your effectiveness. In the meantime, study the virtual map, where dozens of battlefields are located, and go out on your very first mission.

Warfare Nations cheat codes, hacking:

  • 35 000 Diamonds – 8LB7lB3TyQ
  • Bonus Pack – 8D38OnVvAe

However, there will be nothing difficult to manage; you just have to choose a certain group of units (or all at once) and indicate the place where they should stop. Slay oncoming soldiers using heavy equipment and aviation support, gain experience and gold coins. The latter help to improve the properties of the army, better train the soldiers, develop equipment, build and upgrade already erected production barns.

Warfare Nations cheat

Remember iron mining, without which you simply can not build a single tank. Tackle the bases and their improvement, it will give more resources, and then your army will increase the chances of winning. We have on the portal the cheat codes of Warfare Nations for Android and. You can download a lot of money for free mod and start smashing opponents with even greater force and rage.


  • Fifty varieties of technology;
  • nearly 40 strategic facilities are available for construction;
  • three modes, including network;
  • colorful drawn visualization;
  • numerous military operations;
  • simple control.

Some player reviews:

I get an add every time I finish a multiplayer battle against a bot. I start matchmaking and I see I am against someone with a much higher level than me. I was excited for the challenge since I had won every online battle so far.

Sadly this level 9 player which should have medics and tanks and high troop counts attacks me with less troops than I have and the troops he sends are the base troops. I love the gameplay, it reminds me of one of my favorite games trenches 2, but it has far too many adds and bots to be given a four. If all adds were removed and I only matchmake against humans then I would give a five out of five.


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