WarZ: Law of Survival 2 hacking on Android / ios, banknotes, a lot of money, guides, free of charge, bonuses and codes. WarZ: Law of Survival 2 – role-playing action in the genre of the royal battle, the continuation of the 1st part. In this survival you will encounter several threats at once and you will be forced to show what you are capable of for the sake of your life.

The whole world around us is a battlefield where only the most worthy will survive. If you were lucky enough to play Last Day on Earth: Survival, then this project will be to your taste. After all, there is also danger at every turn. Since the zombie theme is very popular, many popular games are known. Including the action race Car Eats Car 3.

Warz: Law of survival cheat

At the very beginning you find yourself on a certain abandoned object, defenseless and without any means of existence. It is necessary to find a weapon as soon as possible, and start exploring the territory In addition to wandering locations, you have to fight with animals and the hungry walking dead, able to smell the living flesh for miles. Use the means at hand for your protection, because even a piece of an old barn will be useful for fighting for your life.

Warz: Law of survival 2 cheat:

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But these animals are not your main problem. Due to the lack of water and provisions, the character will constantly weaken, will not be able to move quickly, and soon – and will completely lose the ability to self-defense. Go on expeditions, find important resources and ammunition, because there may be other gamers nearby. Since food and weapons are not enough at the location, players will try to obtain them by force, therefore killing here is a common thing.

In addition to the constant struggle for survival, players can create guilds and clans. This will help to settle faster and most importantly – to build a new world. The faster you increase the level of development of your protagonist, the more options and options will be available to you in the future. And we bring to your attention the codes WarZ: Law of Survival 2 on android. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of money and unlock paid items.

Warz: Law of survival 2 game reviews

40+ hours into the game and this is my opinion.

This game takes too long long to enjoy, I haven’t even been able to make my radio tower to talk to other people…SO DUMB!

I haven’t been able to expand the area I can search for two huge reasons. I can’t make the boat to leave because of the amount of items needed to make it. You need items that require a certain bench. But to get that bench*dismantle bench* you need items from that bench to make it. *copper wire* EVEN MORE DUMB!

Warz: Law of survival hack

Let’s not even start on the monsters, the difference between the hardest monster you will encounter in your area to the next harder monster is 10x-15x harder. Well again DUMB! p2p players obviously have huge advantages also. 3/5 stars. Fun game if you have tons of time!

When you buy or enter a zone the game crashes and It keeps saying loading map. And I had my game on when it said loading map for a good 5 hours nothing . Only way your game work if you just stay in your base doing nothing. I was hoping to play this game more but finding problems like this turned me away. Contact me when you guys get this game on point and I’ll come back and enjoy it.

WildCraft: Animal Sim Online 3D


In the near future, in 2050, a viral pandemic hit the Earth. All mankind has turned into wandering zombies and mutants. There are only favorites who have antibodies to the virus. One of these survivors – the protagonist of the game.

Game process

The player gets to the devastated outskirts. To survive, it is necessary to collect pasture. From the collected materials, such as stones or logs, the character will be able to equip himself with housing, to make an ax or other tool in order to extract more resources.

The main character can explore his locality. But resources are running out, and he has to go to foreign lands in search of means for survival. To move around the locations he has a car with consumable fuel. The tank is filled automatically after a certain period of time, or gasoline can be dialed at a gas station. Also, the character can walk on foot, but this is much longer.


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