West Gunfighter broken on android, boosters and codes. Tips, guides and codes, unlock weapons, get a lot of money. West Gunfighter – cowboy shooter with dynamic gameplay and vivid action scenes. A walk through the lands of the Wild West awaits you, at a time when only the speed of a bullet loaded into a revolver decided how right you were.

Challenge numerous dangers, fight a duel with a criminal, destroy enemies, go in search of treasure, kill or seek justice. Only you decide who you will become in this life, and no one has the right to judge you. On our site you will find codes for the game DEAD TARGET: Zombie.

Thanks to the freedom of action, you yourself decide where to go, with whom to get involved in a fight, where to find a friend, and where to lose him. Ride a strong horse and go on a journey through forests, canyons and cities, communicate with people, find a job that fits your status and be a master of your craft. Do not forget about constant training, because at one point, your inexperience can play a cruel joke with you.

West Gunfighter cheat codes for Android/iOS

  • 500 000 золота – 9V3dvmh97e
  • 35 000 кристаллов – 26bFtroj6s

The missions and mini-games will be of a different nature. You will have to catch killers or move away from the pursuer as a criminal, protect innocent people or become those whom they fear as fire. Do not forget that the right revolver for a real cowboy is like a mistress, so choose your weapon carefully. Moreover, the game arsenal offers a good list, it remains only to get rich. So hurry to do the job and get the first reward.

West Gunfighter cheat

On a par with the dynamics of the gameplay, developers have carefully worked on graphic elements. Dangerous virtual world fascinates with the variegated locations and details, supporting the unique atmosphere of the West. On our site you get West Gunfighter cheats and get a lot of money. Using for free a lot of money, gold and krtall. You will get the necessary support at the beginning and you will be able to quickly join the gameplay.

Characteristic game West Gunfighter:

  • atmospheric shooter in the setting of the Wild West;
  • carefully traced terrain;
  • a variety of missions and mini-games;
  • shootout and chase;
  • available about eight outfits for the character;
  • two dozen revolvers to choose from;
  • gameplay, involving freedom of action;
  • easy navigation.

Game reviews

Wow, you guys did a fantastic job on this game. I know this isn’t very important to the game but it’ll make it feel more realistic and more like Red Dead Redemption, but can you add ragdoll physics if possible? I haven’t played it much yet but can you lasso people and drag them behind the horse? You guys are great developers. Keep up the awesome work. Oh and can you possibly add FPP view, like be able to play through the game in FPP? Then it turns to TPP when on a horse.

West Gunfighter hack

For a low mb game the graphics is pretty solid. Although it doesn’t have a large map and short storyline it is reasonable for it’s game size. For the developers, if you plan to make an update for this game. I suggest you add a dodge button or whatsoever that can help the player dodge the bullets.

And maybe add more features like buy drinks in the bar, talk to people, have your own place, and maybe a day and night cycle. You could also make the map larger and add more missions. I wouldn’t care if it would reach a hundred mb, I’ll still download it. The game has such a great potential so please work on it cause it’s pretty pretty awesome. Nice work developers keep this up.


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