Westland Survival hacked – mobile sandbox with elements of action-survival and an open virtual world. The application has a multiplayer mode, so you will often have to face the threat in the face of other gamers. In many ways, game mechanics copies role-playing games like Last Day on Earth, where constant research and crafting are important components of self-preservation. The design of the project offers modern visual solutions, and the World of the Wild West itself is a unique setting in itself.

At first, the character will have a standard set of resources. As well as a small piece of land on which to start building up the ranch. Here you will gradually be able to equip your home, build barns for raising livestock and thus provide yourself with food. Also on our site you will find codes for the game Clash of Royale.

You should go on expeditions, look for useful resources, and also learn how to mine various building materials. Absolutely everything you need to survive, you have to create with your own hands. Little by little you will be able to tame wild animals, build a stable and start a few horses.

Westland Survival android

You better live in harmony with the native inhabitants, because they can simplify your life or make it hellishly unbearable. Get ready for the fact that from the very first days of your stay on your ranch raids will be made. Master the traps for animals and bandits who want to take away your wealth and cattle. Over time, you will have enough resources for crafting and trading in goods. Which will give additional profit and communication with the Indians. You will be able to live in peace with other gamers and help each other or wage war for territory.

Westland Survival hack & codes

  • Crazy Weapon Collection Crate – 1o5HmFLyUO
  • Buffalo Bill’s Bar Bucks – 5IGrPQcKzJ
  • Vile Vendetta Supply Pack – XfPDgqeRfY
  • Westland Rookie Supplies – jrbozJcqfq
  • Dead-Eye Joe Arms – 9n7IF7i33C
  • Builder Jack’s Random Supplies – IW4Igh8Szu
  • Elite Equipment Pack – kWGMz1Gma9
  • Tear down the walls! – 7KldO1QkpN
  • Chuck’s Black Pioneer Backpack – V2bawVEoGL

The atmosphere of this project is sustained in the best traditions of westerns. So there will be a lot of chases, shootouts and other flowing. Download the hacked version of Westland Survival on Android to get everything at once. With the free crafting mod, you get an enhanced potential to create a unique ranch. With a lot of money, you will be able to protect the land and increase your own capabilities.


Stumbled upon this game one day when LDoE wasn’t loading. I must say I am truly impressed. It’s based on the same game engine as LDoE but a breathtakingly impressive take on the western genre. It is a lot more FTP (free-to-play) friendly than any of the other survival games out there. I got my horse (the chopper equivalent of LDoE) on my second day of gameplay and the map is peppered with rare resources as well as powerful weapons.

Westland Survival code

You simply must love the repair bench concept, Westland Survival code, where you can repair almost broken rare weapons and armor for a fraction of the crafting cost -probably the best aspect of the game yet !!!! And the new canyon trials have made this game even more FTP friendly for gaining coins, fuel and rare resources. Keep up the good work guys, and make sure you don’t lose sight in the future of what made your game better than LDoE at the start !!!!! Truly an excellent game !!!!

UPDATE : After the latest update 0.9.8, my save file has reverted to a month ago. All my progress in the past month or so is lost. Almost 2000 coins, 14 rings, a ton of oats and oak, not to mention a lot of weapons and steel and high end clothes – ALL GONE. No word from the developer yet. Hope I get it back else I’ll probably stop playing. 


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