Wild Tamer hacking, these are unlimited diamonds, a lot of money and no ads. Download mod, or use bonus codes to get benefits? Wild Tamer is a mobile action RPG that takes players to the ancient world teeming with all sorts of dangers. In the role of a druid, you are invited to go the hardest way and protect your land from the onset of darkness.

At the same time help prehistoric creatures that require protection survive. As in the School of Dragons, you will catch predators, and try to tame them. But be careful, because every meeting with them can result in the death of your hunter. On our site you will also find codes for such popular games as Mr Gun and Paper.io 2.

Wild Tamer cheat

From the very first minutes of passing you will understand how much you need to be careful in your research. Your settlement requires protection, because other warriors, who are in some ways even worse than fire-breathing reptiles and clawed predators, have settled nearby.

Provide your character with the right weapons, train him and go in search of resources. Extraction of minerals will allow to upgrade the settlement and the druid. Due to this, he will be able to quickly deal with the threat and look for the right animals.

Wild Tamer cheat

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The game has a leader table where the most worthy hunters go. To become the best, you will be required to be a brave and invincible warrior. To do this, you need to constantly study dangerous lands, see the outcome of battles and think like a beast. Also, developers managed to realize an unusual hand-drawn environment. She emphasizes in great detail the plot events of the game.

Each of the stages complicates the passage, so the player should pump the warrior as often as possible and open more sophisticated weapons. A lot of money Wild Tamer codes will allow you to access unlimited resources. And this is an opportunity to carry out upgrades without limitation. With the help of cheat codes for a lot of money, you can improve a significant part of the important elements and go hunting, being an experienced conqueror.

Wild Tamer Game Feature:

  • stylish visualization of locations;
  • a large number of predator species;
  • useful loot and weapon crafting;
  • deadly fights with enemies;
  • Tupper-style navigation;
  • vast territories of the prehistoric world;
  • world ranking of players.
  • Tupper-style navigation;
  • vast territories of the prehistoric world;
  • world ranking of players.

Game reviews

Pretty cool grinding+exploration game, sort of like Diablo cross-bred with Pokemon. Nice design. You don’t have to pay to progress, at least as far as I’ve got. Onscreen ads are annoying. Cloud save appears to be broken.

This game is fun and I find myself killing time with this one often. Thing is I purchased the bundle that gets rid of ads. 3.99 I think. Well the hourly gold and loot you can get from watching the ads is broken. It has a 1 hour countdown timer that resets itself. I’ll watch it countdown the last few seconds.

Wild Tamer hack

:05, 4, 3, 2, 1…. 59:59, 59:58, 59:57… resets on its own without giving me my loot or gold. Not cool at all. I spent my real cash to get rid of all ads and now you have it so I can’t get my little bit of loot without spending more cash or waiting extra? Not cool. I’d be tempted to buy other things (mounts or gems) but now I don’t trust that the app will work correctly

Update: bug was fixed but instead of an hour, it’s two hours. Thanks for looking at reviews and taking care of the issues! Updating the star rating from 2 stars to 4 stars


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