World Conqueror 4 hacking – a project in the genre of tactical turn-based strategy, where you are free to independently create a new history of the denouement of the largest war of humanity. The game covers the period from the beginning of the World War and until the 60s. You must take one of the parties and lead your country to a legendary victory.

The game offers five plot modes at once, among which there is a learning one, which also pleases, because the presence of impressive content can at first confuse the user. The World War II regime will offer to visit the battlefield at the hottest points of the time.

The regime of the Cold War will tell the most about the confrontation between America and Russia. In the modern war, we are approaching our time, where there are already more or less new destruction technologies than this mode will become interesting. There is also a mode called Scenario, in which you will move according to the war chronicles, also the chronicle will allow you to try to become the rulers of the entire planet.

World Conqueror 4 cheat codes

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  • 25000 Medals – B1XRUOUN4DT

The strategy has more than 200 officers and generals who are historical figures. They will lead you along the edge of history and help you to win a particular battle. However, this does not mean that everyone will do everything for you, you need to clearly know your goal and, having thought out a winning strategy, move your army towards it little by little. Strategy games are one of the most popular mobile games on the market. On our site you will find codes for the games Zombie Castaways, Army Men Strike.

World Conqueror 4 cheat

Using the World Conqueror 4 codes on Android / iOS, get a lot of money on the account. Get endless lots of money, you get endless medals and lots of useful resources.

Characteristic game World Conqueror 4:

  • hundreds of battle scenes;
  • historical bias of the game;
  • 230 generals are available;
  • Fifty countries are available for selection;
  • the game covers the thirty-year period of the military history of the world;
  • tactics and strategies;
  • classic graphics;
  • easy navigation and control;
  • hacked version.


I love this game so much and I’m so in Love with it, however i really want the creators to see this. One of the biggest problems on this have that bothers me is that you don’t decide who is your enemy or not. What i mean is that i wish there was a way to make allies and to declare war to make treaties and stuff like that. Also the land Mass is to big and the borders are all curves, that should be more realistic.

So I was playing a great game of conquest as Italy (first time playing as them) and after the Axis took West Germany. The Germans started focusing all of their resources on the UK and wasting all of their superior units. The USSR then started pushing into Germany and what used to be Poland with not even that many units. So it was left up to me to save them.

World Conqueror 4 hack

Due to their concentration on the UK, they took large cities and built up their army. Poland was liberated by now and a few German cities had been annexed. They were to Berlin. I was able to sort of hold the line but due to my distance away from the battle I couldn’t get many superior units to the frontlines. I kept holding the line and I noticed the US had a heavy tank in Spain. Wonderful! I then realized that Spain wasn’t even responding. They just stopped creating units. Soon after I realized Germany was doing almost the exact same, with only a few mechanized infantry units focused on Russia.

Also, with the allies, I would play a game with the USA or the UK. Russia would be charged and conquered not long after France fell.


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