World War Heroes – the game won many hearts, with its plot, great graphics, animation, and great sound effects. The application is designed for the Android operating system. The game was created based on another no less famous game Modern Strike Online. The game takes place on the battlefield of the Second World War, where players can use military equipment, develop military strategies and undoubtedly win.

The game has developed only seven modes, each of them has its own unique features that differ from each other, so that each of the modes is interesting and fascinating. However, users most often play 4 modes. The most popular modes are: death fight, team battle, hardcore and creative. In the first mode, the rule is every man for himself, which is why the battles in this mode are very cruel and intense.

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The essence of the command mode is that players create teams and play for a while. In hardcore mode, players expect an exciting and rapid gameplay, where you can try your hand at practice. And the creative mode implies that the player is given the opportunity to create his own mode in the game, invite his friends to play as a team, develop his own strategies and create the course of war actions absolutely.


This games really fun to play and the controls are pretty good. It’s really hard to get legendary permanent weapons without paying but the price is reasonable. As I only had to fork over $2 for a FG 42 which is a legendary semi auto weapon (The money I spend on a free to play game is to show support for it if I liked it).

I recommend everyone to enable 3D Touch aiming as it definitely makes a difference when your trying to aim. Tanks are pretty balanced as they aim really slow and 3 grenades can take them down. The rent weapons crate also provides other players to try random different guns for free so I like that as well.

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There are many camo options for every gun which is cool. (I love the snow 2 camo). Each map isn’t too small as you can still camp and be able to use a sniper but it isn’t too large either as you’ll always come across a enemy every 15 seconds or less. Overall, I love the game and enjoy the fast pace that each round goes and all the weapons are balanced pretty well.

Overall a solid experience. I am a level 9 player who has had the game for about two weeks. The gameplay is almost flawless.

That said, I have a few issues with the ancillary aspects of the game such as the “pay to win” aspect. Right now, most weapons in the game cost hundreds of gold. I understand that this drives revenue, but it makes the leveling process and buying new weapons agonizing.

I have calculated that it will take me over a month just to make 400 gold. That can only buy maybe one weapon or chest. The reward for your efforts is not balanced, and I hope you the developers will see it in your hearts to lower the cost of gear and weapons slightly.

Just to make the experience more rewarding and enjoyable. If you were to do this, OR either add more weapons that can be purchased using the in game cash, I would have no problem giving this five stars.

One more suggestion I have is maybe incorporate WW1 into this game. The game is called World War Heroes, not specifically WW2 heroes, so it would be great to see weapons and battlefields from both wars. In the future maybe you could add a special map like Verdun, or the Somme incorporate trench warfare and special WW1 weapons. That would definitively make this the best FPS on the mobile market.

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In the game, the player is given the opportunity to use military tactics in the fight against opponents, to develop military strategies, to use various types of weapons: pistols, grenades, shotguns, machine guns and others.

To expand the audience and users, developers have created an application in the Russian version. However, there is no support for installing the game on an external memory card. Also missing and loading the cache.

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