Youtubers Life is a free version for Android and ios. Cheat codes will allow you to quickly access paid items. Simulation of the life of a video blogger, which will show users all the facets of this difficult profession. You have to create your own channel and unleash it. But for this you need to work a lot, daily fill with fresh and high-quality content, communicate with subscribers and much more. Make a fortune on this, meet nice people and become the owner of the most visited channel.

The simulator turned out to be quite realistic, and you have to think through various little things before you create a video. But first you need a character. You can make it look like yourself, choose a shape, face shape, skin color, hair, and more. There are in the database and random characters, which you can choose if you are not principled appearance. On our site you will find codes for the most popular simulators: My Talking Angela, My Talking Tom 2.

Youtubers Life cheat

Next, determine the direction in which you want to work. There are a lot of them, so make a start from your hobbies. Only now you can start full-fledged work with the channel. Look for relevant topics, think up a story on which you will soon make a small video. Use different equipment for high-quality shooting and change the background to make the videos appear more original.

Youtubers Life cheat

  • 1 000 000 cash – YL_#jen_#Hje
  • Remove Ads – YL_#djo_Yie

Youtubers Life: Gaming cheat codes for android get a lot of money here absolutely free. Upgrade your YouTube skills, then he can earn a fortune and promote a blog. Collect thousands of subscribers on your channel and become the most recognizable person of virtual life.


  • good visualization;
  • high-quality blogger simulator;
  • upgrade skills YouTube;
  • numerous tasks;
  • various items;
  • character creation on your own;
  • convenient management;


This game, is very fun and addictive. But also it’s very buggy, like when I sign up for an event it refuses to acknowledge that I have friends. And I had to delete the game twice because It wouldn’t load. Then when it did load, the game would not let me interact with anything. If you can please fix this issue.

I bought this game on my phone because I saw a favorite YouTuber of mine and I wanted to play it. The game was great a year ago, but then it got an update. I was originally excited for it because I was happy for new content.

Youtubers Life hack

Then my old save basically got corrupted but not. Before he update I was a higher level than I was supposed to be because before you didn’t have a max level in each house or apartment. So I’m stuck at a max of 25 now. Also I had gave my collaborator a task to start a course and after the update whenever I try to see the result. It won’t let me press OK and I have to exit the, erasing all that I have done prior.

Other than that the game made some great improvements and GUI fixes/re-skin. I would play this game religiously, but I don’t want to lose all the progress I made. I know update made it harder to progress than originally.


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