Zen Koi 2 hacking for a lot of money, cheat codes in the game. Arcade with elements of the simulator, presented by the studio LandShark. The first release was more than successful, and the developers decided to release the second part with a number of innovations that fit perfectly into the gameplay and made the project much brighter. By installing this application, you can become not just a witness of the evolution of sea creatures, but take a direct part in this.

At the very beginning of the adventure you will control one fish, which you must ensure maximum care. Its main task is to feed itself, eating smaller fish.

Zen Koi 2 cheat

You must travel to the depths of the lake and look for prey. So you will gain points that affect the growth of the character. Gradually, the fish will grow a little, and you will move to a new level of development. In the same way. It is necessary to increase the speed and other vital characteristics, until the fish becomes strong and big.

Zen Koi 2 cheat codes

  • Handful of Pearls – xUFESplgAF
  • Fun Pack – KXyI3A10vB
  • Tsuru Pack – jEkgIf9oT4
  • Kodani Pack – P1KVEQvwOK
  • Bur─ôku Pack – Wx4qQPkVod
  • Daimon Pack – TicCePcQse

At your disposal will be a whole world, you will gradually equip your own lake, which will soon become the home of dozens of small dragons. Watch how they all grow up, improve their qualities and improve together. Our site contains cheat codes Zen Koi 2 on android / ios. With codes, you can get a lot of money and unlock all game settings. So you have to stop worrying about the lack of pet food.

Game Feature:

  • wonderful and atmospheric visual range;
  • a huge number of fantastic lake fishes;
  • dragon collections;
  • observation of the evolution system;
  • numerous locations and a large virtual world;
  • several game modes available;
  • simplest navigation through tapov.

Game Zen Koi 2 reviews

This game is as good as Zen Koi! I really want you to make a Zen Koi 3! Pleaseeeeee!! The graphics are so good, and I don’t get ads unless I am getting pearls! I COULD NOT stop drawing them, and playing with them. As a future koi fan, I still love cats too, but not as much as these cute little magical fish!

Zen Koi 2 hack

I really enjoy this game. Usually games that claim to be “Zen/Relaxing” get you anxious/stressed. But not this one. I do have some bigger complaints though. The lack of expansion without paying obscene amounts is extremely frustrating. You are limited to how many Koi you can have and use, how many e…


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