Zombies Ate My Friends-a lot of money hacking on Android and iOS. Tips for passing, boosters and tips, cheats and codes. Passing tips, get cash, gold. Zombies Ate My Friends is a dynamic platformer using quest elements and RPGs. Actually, the game is made in an unusual format, despite the well-worn story about the zombie apocalypse. To escape, you have to complete a lot of missions, often putting your character in danger, and try to expel the virus from a small town.

The first manipulation that needs to be done is character creation. You are offered several guises, you can choose the floor, skin color and even put on your own taste. From what the future hero will look like, the process will become a bit more varied and more pleasant, because it is much more interesting to fight against a zombie unit that copies you or a neighbor. In addition, the game World Zombie Contest on Android & IOS available codes on our website.

The gameplay consists of dozens of levels where continuous battles take place. Locations are represented by a side view and, in order to see the whole area and count all enemies, it is necessary to scroll in different directions.

Here you can also find tools with which you can cut mutants, so care will not hurt. The dead themselves will not jump, they must be killed before they themselves have done so. To start the battle, tap on the enemy, after which a small window will pop up from the menu, where your entire arsenal is presented.

World Zombie Contest cheat codes, hacking

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  • 15 000 gold – Lgb_2maHSLR

We note that your every action will require a certain percentage of the character’s energy, which is replenished either with time or through its purchase. For the passage of the episodes and the killing of zombies, you will be counted financial resources and experience, through which you can upgrade one of the properties of the hero. Cheat codes Zombies Ate My Friends a lot of money on Android and iOS, a lot of money can be on our portal for free.


  • several dozen varieties of weapons;
  • quests, mini-episodes and caches;
  • storyline, where the player can choose the action;
  • high-quality visualization;
  • creating your character;
  • hacking for money;

Some player reviews:

I fell in love with this game when I first opened it up and began playing it. I love the customization and all the unique characters, especially Red and Violet.

My only complain about this game is the recharge times, mainly for health. Lets take today for instance: I played this game at around 9:00pm or so and I came back now at 11:00pm and my health has barely changed. It was at about 11 when I left at 9:00 and now when I just checked its only at 38. It’s been 2 hours and my health barely moved, especially since my full health is 125.

I say that this was a pretty good game never really had any complaints the only thing would be energy. They should bring this game back it was really fun and well scripted but they stopped updating. Maybe they stopped updating because the creators want to focus on the dinner dashes. 


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