Zone Z hacking is a role-playing online project telling a story about the consequences of a pandemic. Now a person must survive in extremely difficult conditions, look for water, food and means of protection from mutants on site

The walking dead flooded the dying planet, but as long as at least one person is alive, hope is not extinguished. The post-apocalyptic environment inspires the Last Day on Earth gameplay, which also has an enhanced crafting potential and an extremely large world. Surviving here is not an easy task, but if you unite in a small group with other players, it is possible to create a powerful alliance that will give battle to the walking dead.

Zone Z cheat

Build a camp where you can defend against mutants and hunters for profit. At the same time, it is important to constantly open new horizons, because the resources near you are quickly running out. As the game level rises, new types of weapons and the ability to create traps for the enemy become available to gamers.

With the hacked Zone Z for Android it will be much easier to survive in these hellish conditions. Through the mod on improved attack speed, monsters and other gamers will fall from your hand much faster.

Reviews Zone Z

Amazing game probably the cleanest and smoothest gameplay from similar games. but on w big problem. since the latest update I am constantly getting a message saying ‘target does not exist’ I cannot even go toilet in the game as it won’t let me so I’m forced into a crotch grabbing motion which allows me to do nothing. my facilities have dissapeared on the screen but im still able to use them. the game is unplayable at this time since the update. I have uninstalled multiple times but nothing works.

Zone Z code

Zone Z a fun new game with area’s that need alittle tweek of energy price’s to get from A/B seem’s that the map is small but truth new game so hopes DEVELOPERS sort this a.s.a.p or people will just go back to other gaming. Areas are fresh lovely graphics…Zone Z you have a bug regarding the Charcoal in firepit please sort this i’m losing valuable wood note: (it will take wood but no return for coal). fix it il give you a 5star for now i’m on the fence with a 4.

Zone Z hack

-Fixed a bug concerning abnormal Shelter Contribution Points.
-Fixed multiplayer synchronization of resource gathering actions.
-Fixed a problem where the game freezes when the player opens the delivery locker.
-Fixed a problem where vehicles may be blocked by invisible obstacles in the Forest Stronghold.
-Fixed a bug where the equipment check box is not displayed on the interface of repair bench.

Zone Z cheat, codes, hack:

  • 50 000 coins – Kd_gGc3nexI*32
  • Remove Ads – Ph_tJYoTD2Y*73
  • Double XP – OO_9fFyg0CQ*32


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