Badland Brawl hacked – networked card RPG with strategy elements. By and large, the sequel to our familiar Badland is nothing more than a good combination.

Of Magic Master mechanics – Tower Defense and Clash of Clans, only on a smaller scale. The game world includes dozens of bright locations, hundreds of races of combat units. Resources and a collection of maps. In any case, this is one of the best products from the developer lately.

It is easy to guess that the main element of the growth of the army, money and the flowering of your state will be war. Every now and then you will have to constantly prove your superiority over artificial intelligence as well as fighting with real opponents.

In this regard, an inseparable part of any victory will be a tactical approach to the passage and upgrade. Without the improvement of the heroes and the opening of the cards, you simply can not cope with the hordes of enemies. Improve and train soldiers, pump the tower and destroy all those who challenge you.

For each battle, a reward is provided in the form of gold, experience points and cards. That will open new clones or allow you to improve the level of existing units in your ranks.

Badland Brawl cheat

Daily PvP battles of dates are no less than useful pieces, however. It is here that you can test your strategic skills and learn how to put the fighters in the right place. With the hacked version of Badland Brawl on Android. You will become the strongest rival and almost unbeatable leader. Download the mod a lot of money and get the game cards in charge, opening up new clones.

Reviews Badland Brawl

Just leaving you my thoughts; I remember back in elementary school playing a game similar to this believe it was on a cartoon network site, it was sooo much fun actually. I remember the feeling still lol. Then this shows up bruh….. best game on the app store , definitely worth giving your time away lol 👍just give it a try …

The game is awesome, I love it. However it has some disappointing errors. In the past there were lots of vugs related wot the internet conexion. Now there one that consist on the enemy life and your one are changed so when you shoot a bomb into him the life is downgraded to you and the opposite. The game idea is so good but come on! it is an online competitive game, you can commit these errors.

The first time you play the game, it’s like playing clash royale but everything is 3D and just generally looks good. Little details such as when you open a chest, the things you find or get jump out the chest and move.

Badland Brawl hack

For example if you get coins from a chest, they will jump out the chest and land on the ground in a 3D way physically slapping the ground if it lands on its flat sides. The gameplay is regular, you have a limited amount of “clone juice” to slingshot across the battlefield. You start off with 5, but with the intro of who your battling it goes to 6.

You can’t just sling any enemy type across the battlefield because some heavy clones can only go so far but smaller troops can go farther. The flying troops should have the same slingshot length. Anyways you level up by winning crowns from battles and every 24 hours, if you get 10 crowns you can open a chest that supplies you with more clones and coins.

If you keep getting the same clone, just level it up with the “clone juice”. Also you can throw bombs on the battlefield and they do a lot of damage when they go into the enemy’s “garage”. The only way to damage the enemy’s tower is to attack there garage, which they can attack at the same time to counter your attack.

Overall this game is just like clash royale but graphically better and more challenging when you take in the fact that heavier clones/troops are physically slower than the other clones but when thry land an attack its powerful

Game Feature:

  • network fights in dozens of drawn arenas;
  • Badland’s unique universe in one project;
  • dozens of combat units and card collections;
  • upgrade warriors and fortresses;
  • fighting with friends;
  • requires access to the internet.

Badland Brawl cheat & codes

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