Bloons TD 6 cheat (a lot of money) – a tactical action, offering gamers to create an army of invincible monkeys. Bloons’ iconic lineup of strategies is gaining momentum. Now you will have even more fighting monkeys with amazing skills at your disposal. The game is still implemented in the tower defense genre, so first of all the user must ensure full control over his possessions. And improve buildings in order to get more game resources. Management and other important aspects have not changed.

War balloons do not sit on their fairy-tale planet, and they again want war. These stubborn creatures have undergone major changes, the new army has become much stronger than the one you managed to defeat last time. Each drawn location is a small monkey settlement, where several fortresses are located. They need to be improved so that they do not quickly destroy their opponents. You must also choose to protect the units that will control the various guns. Another game in which you can have fun Badland Brawl.

Bloons TD 6 cheat

It should be said that these monkeys are not just any animals chewing bananas. Each of the characters is a combat unit and has specific skills. They have upgrade systems, as well as a set of special attacks, with which it is easier to win a round. Over the course of the twenty heavy levels you will improve them, as well as discover new species of monkeys. It is extremely important to constantly improve tactics and units, as the antagonists also do not sit still and come up with new cool fighters.

With the hacked Bloons TD 6 for Android, which can be downloaded on this page. You get more resources for the development of fortresses and units. Install the mod free purchases, so as not to waste time on the fees of game funds.


I think all of us can agree we want multiplayer co-op like on BTD 5. I think once we get multiplayer, this game will blow up more than it already has. Apart from that, hopefully I’m not the only one, but this game should have mouse and keyboard support. I’m not mad that it doesn’t, but it would be nice. I don’t want to have to buy the game twice. Other than that, this is definitely my favorite mobile game at the moment.

Bloons TD 6 hack

First of all you guys apparently fixed a few bugs, but the game actually has more bugs than it had before the update. When I open up the game, the whole “town” is lagging and the windmill is going crazy. The loading screen is lagging as well. The textures are messed up and broken. Overall I love the game, but something wrong happened to it in this update (8.0). If you guys fix this I’ll give 5 stars.

Game Feature:

  • drawn graphics with bright locations and characters;
  • twenty villages for battles;
  • dozens of fortresses with several variations of improvements;
  • cool characters with a unique upgrade system.


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