Bonsticks 3D for Android is a positive timekiller for the whole family. The game is a logical continuation of previous projects about cute fantastic creatures who always have fun and have an unforgettable time. Now the visual series has become much brighter and more pleasant, many mini-tasks and fun adventures of Bonstiks have been added. In them, they offer you to take part. Have fun with them, collect useful bonuses and get to know their fascinating world.

As you progress through the game, you will be more and more immersed in the history of these characters and you can even find out where they came from. Each bonstik has interesting skills that will come in handy when traveling. The site collected hundreds of games, reviews and bonus codes.

Bonsticks 3D android

In addition, they all have their own amazing hobbies. But sometimes these creatures are lazy, so you need to encourage and encourage them to get things done. And do not forget that each character should be a separate approach. Tactics to quickly complete the task.

In addition to doing fun activities, you will have to work in order to unlock all the available Bonsticks. There are a lot of them, so you need to perform as many tasks as possible, play with existing heroes and earn pleasant bonuses. Learn colorful locations, get encouraging prizes and unlock new chapters of this beautiful story.

Bonsticks 3D free

All you need to start this amazing adventure is to download the game Bonsticks 3D. It is available for download on Google Play and the Apple Store for free. Interact with the heroes, take pictures with them and help them become more responsible.

Bonsticks 3D game Reviews

Cool! Only Vasil and Bagnick just sit.

The sound disappeared on the second launch and did not appear again. Reinstalling the program and restarting the OS does not help.


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