Contract Killer: Sniper hacking on Android and iOS for free. Cheats and codes in the game, unlock weapons, boosters and codes. Tips and tricks, gold, game currency sets. Contract Killer: Sniper – an action-shooter with elements of a shooting gallery, where you are invited to reincarnate as an assassin. Use the codes in World of Guns: Gun Disassembly to increase the level and unlimited resources.

The game has an excellent graphic design, it has hundreds of difficult missions to destroy targets, in each of which the player will be on the verge of life and death. Only the worthy will be able to go through all the prepared tests and become the legendary contract killer, whose enemies will be remembered with a shiver in his body.


Your character is a former soldier and one of the best shooters in the industry. After retirement, he did not leave his business and now works for one secret organization that is trying with all its might to eliminate the mafia and the ringleaders of major criminal syndicates. From time to time you will receive requests for the destruction of a particular person. You, in turn, must immediately go to the specified city, track down the target and fulfill your contract.

Contract Killer: Sniper cheat codes, hacking:

  • Massive Gold Package – 0ORZ_6QSG7H
  • Platinum – NZBQ_EDT5Q7
  • Gold – 9C82_RZ1FYR
  • Milla Access – T2V9_XBCUZB

The game will unfold in dozens of cities around the globe. Each operation requires careful preparation, you must take into account even the smallest details, because the whole outcome may depend on them. In addition, the player must act quieter than the mouse. Try to move like a shadow, otherwise the minions of his goal can quickly identify the enemy and destroy before the operation is completed.


Successful operations will bring you the financial resources that should be spent on upgrading the arsenal, improving other equipment and the killer himself. Despite the same type of gameplay, the game will delay you on all two hundred and more missions.

In addition, we have available cheat codes Contract Killer: Sniper. Free gold and a lot of money on Android and iOS. You can use these codes and get advantage by passing. Buy the necessary devices and clear the world of criminals.


  • modern three-dimensional graphics;
  • more than two hundred operations to destroy various targets;
  • variety of items for shopping;
  • available extensive list of weapons;

Some player reviews:

Good game and graphics, a bug in the game is it freezers and no way to move out of the line of fire. Enjoyed the first two missions, after that it takes too long to get diamonds to upgrade. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT PAY TO PLAY, going to uninstall, to install another game.

I enjoy this game, but it’s frustrating that every time I advance a level, it prompts me to share it on Facebook and there is no other option except to close the game and reload it. And when I do that, typically the last thing i bought is now gone back but the money or diamonds used to buy it, are still spent. So essentially I’m buying nothing. That’s getting extremely annoying and that will be what will make me delete the game. Fix that, and I’ll be staying. Otherwise I’m prob gonna delete it by the weekend. It’s that frustrating.


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