Demolition Derby 2 hacked, guide, tools, tips, unlock cars. Cheat codes, tips, Android & iOS guide, instruction. Demolition Derby 2 – mobile racing with hardcore gameplay. Forget about static tracks and boring rivals, which even a child can overtake, everything is much more complicated and serious. Just overtake the enemy you will not work, because each of them is so eager to win so much that he is absolutely ready for anything. The game is replete with dynamic moments, in it high-quality three-dimensional visualization, many tracks and types of vehicles.

Have you ever driven a fire engine or school bus? Here you have the opportunity to ride the streets of the city and not on such vehicles, in addition, all of them will be equipped with powerful guns that you definitely need to use. It is worth highlighting a well-developed damage system, with which the gameplay looks much more realistic. Sometimes this thing can play into your hands, but if you lose vigilance, the opposite. Action game gives a lot of adrenaline. Codes are also available in popular games, The Sims Mobile and others.

Demolition Derby 2 cheat

In the second part of the application, new game modes are implemented, due to which the gameplay now offers new features. At your disposal will be about fifteen arenas, a lot of difficult opponents and a lot of awards that you can get. Do not forget about customization and upgrade of your vehicle, these are the most basic aspects, without which your car will be a usual vulnerable trough.

Demolition Derby 2 cheat codes

  • 250 000 coins – WbdswiUqWX
  • Remove Ads – Rp5v0adZ9H

Our site contains a hacked version of Demolition Derby 2 a lot of money. Unlimited resources will allow you to accelerate in a big way, buy the most powerful transport and equip it with all the details. With them you can win in any race. Now everything will depend on your ability to act in extreme situations.


  • a half dozen tracks;
  • four original arenas;
  • 20+ wheelbarrow models;
  • advanced vehicle damage system;
  • modern visualization;
  • easy management.

Reviews game

Great game! Problem is the game crashes after loading. Please help. Even in airplane mode. On your newest game DD3 not one problem runs smooth looks good….ect.. Please help . I gmailed you but got no responce yet. These games DD2&3 are both great. It is just DD2 needs debugged i guess. anyway. Thankyou and MARRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Demolition Derby 2 hack

Great game, good steering and graphics, good selection of cars. I would like to see more upgrades for your cars, like being able to raise your defences. Also other cops in the area should chase you as well. Finally, if you become too damaged in a race you should be out. A 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray or a corvette mako shark.

Excellent driving games with both derby and racing. please add classic Land Rover. In free ride, can we receive rewards (coins) everytime a police car is burnt out? I quite enjoy City mode and getting the police to chase me whilst I try to destroy them.


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