Eyes: The Horror Game-free for android / ios. A lot of money, bonuses, cheats and codes, how to disable advertising, get coins for free. Eyes: The Horror Game – atmospheric horror quest, in which the user is invited to plunge into the thick of the mysterious events. The game is striking realism and numerous scenes during which each cell of the body trembles. Unlike classic games of this genre, there will be several rooms here. They need to be examined, with which the excitement grows accordingly. Can you survive the worst night of your life?

The main hero of our story is one eccentric who decides to make easy money. Previously, he hunted theft, but this time he had a good guide to one thing. Doing it could live happily ever after. His assignment includes several buildings abandoned for decades, including a local mental hospital. He also got a hand-drawn map of all the corridors and rooms. It remains the case for small: find the hidden wealth and realize it for a good reward. On cheat-on.com you will find a lot of codes for the most popular games.

Eyes - The Horror Game cheat

In each of the abandoned buildings you will need to collect a certain amount of precious objects. After all, this is your immediate task from the very beginning. But entering the first house, you will realize that now not only your financial viability, but also life is in the first place. In the walls of buildings live ghosts that immediately will just warn and intimidate you. But soon they will get down to business, and you will become their target.

Eyes – The Horror Game cheat codes

  • Hospital – DQSKZHEUN
  • Charlie – 3FUAEEHXA
  • Good Boy – LHR4YWYW3
  • Double Trouble – VQUKY3QGW
  • Endless mode – 158H7UVC0
  • Remove ads – 10TA8ZIA5
  • Trick or Treat mode – A4VXTJ7CR
  • 500 coins – RI2O7YYDF

Try to go through all the locations and not stay in one of these houses as a ghost. Use hints, a map and potions with which you can equalize your forces with your enemies. If you want to make the process more varied, we suggest that you use the bonus eyes: The Horror Game on Android. Thanks to the cheat codes for a lot of money, you can make all purchases for free. And this is a huge advantage that can save your life.


  • atmospheric quest in a modern shell;
  • several abandoned objects with ghosts and monsters inside;
  • a variety of items that need to be collected;
  • special features available for purchase;
  • easy management.


I would like to say that this game is such a great horror game for mobile. From all of the different ways you can interact with things in the levels and all of the different game modes you can play too. I love that you added sandbox so I can get to know the maps better without something trying to kill me.

Eyes - The Horror Game hack

There is so much variety in this game and it is amazing. I can’t wait for new maps to play in which would only make the game better. I also really like the new menu in this update. A lot better than the old one. Even though this is a horror game I can always have a good laugh when creating my own monster. One thing that would be nice to squeeze in with everything else in the game is a multiplayer mode. You know, one person is the monster and let’s say a maximum of five people are trying to get all of the bags.

You would need to make bigger maps for that of course. Maybe on some of the new maps you can go outside. I think that would be pretty cool. Like a map that is a big backyard with a maze in it. Maybe a few new monsters with some unique abilities could be added in the game too. You might not see this, but please take these suggestions into consideration, thank you for this game.


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