Fusion of Heroes hacked is a mobile card fantasy strategy that incorporates elements of a logical quest and PvP battles. In some ways, the concept of this RPG is similar to Kingdom Wars, where an incredible number of characters are also represented. In addition, the game traced a large-scale and colorful virtual world with buildings and a lot of opportunities. Collect important resources for victory, upgrade heroes, take part in daily battles and become the leader of the strongest squad.

The main secret of the effectiveness of the army is a successful combination of characters. There are several dozen knights of various classes to choose from, which also belong to the three factions. Combining their skills, you can get an invincible team that will be able to fight back everyone who steps into their territory. To be able to upgrade them and get new skill cards, you need to develop your farm – it will soon bring income every minute, even if you do not visit the application.

Fusion of Heroes cheat

The game features several modes, including the original PvP, where each gamer gets control over three fighters at random. This decision gives even a weak opponent a chance to win. On the locations there are logical tasks that definitely make the gameplay more diverse. Here speed and power are not always important, you need to weigh each step and notice the weaknesses of your opponent.

Fusion of Heroes cheat codes

  • 150 000 coins – 4NMCEI66V3
  • 7 500 diamonds – FJ2OQ2Z9MN
  • God mode – UKN5F1Y128
  • Double damage – T5IEGXZUCK

We suggest you use codes for a lot of money Fusion of Heroes. This is an opportunity to get a lot of money on the account and unlock paid items. Thanks to the tricks you can pump your farm and other possessions that will bring more resources. In addition, you get cheat codes for god mode and an extra freak. First of all, it is an opportunity to improve statistics and quickly defeat bosses.

Fusion of Heroes Game Feature:

  • creating your own resource extraction farm;
  • solving puzzles, learning and upgrading heroes;
  • a huge number of warriors;
  • extensive boundaries of the fantasy world;
  • card fights and daily missions;
  • several modes, including network battles.


A mysterious power fulfilled the land of Fusionia. Battles arose from the peace. Heroes are controlled to fight against each other. The beautiful ground turned into the battlefield.

Fusion of Heroes hack

You came here with the faith of spreading peace. You’re the only hope to save this land. Remember your mission, summon and strengthen your heroes, collect magical items, make powerful weapons, gather loyal heroes and loot all kinds of resources. Lead and unite these warriors to fight for justice. This magical land of Fusionia needs to be brought back by you!


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