Hill Climb Racing 2 Hacked – the most popular racing project for mobile devices. In the sequel, the developers carried out serious work on graphic elements, game mechanics and the addition of new features. Off-road driving has now become much brighter and more dynamic. Therefore, you can confidently download that the creators are moving in the right direction.

Training is needed for wimps, so you are immediately sent to one of the locations where you have to bypass all opponents on the track. Up to four riders take part in one race, between which the struggle for the championship will be conducted. Rush on the road that there are forces, go around obstacles, jump over the hills, save money, gasoline and try not to break at the very beginning of the path. On our site you will find codes for other games, as well as cheats are available in the game Sling Drift.

Hill Climb Racing 2 cheat

Several successful races – and in your assets will be a good amount of funds, as well as the cup. In the chest you will receive valuable coins and accessories for the rider. For him, you can pick up the helmet and some items of clothing, the very same wheelbarrow – repaint in the shade you like. Thanks to the tuning system, you can also change the engine, put protective elements, such as depreciation and valves, with which the chances of a successful race will constantly grow.

Hill Climb Racing 2 cheat codes

  • Xmas Monster Bundle – W9T817KPXP
  • Carful of Gems – LZAFBLE894
  • Sports Car Bundle – H3OV8EOKPO
  • Rally Car Bundle – D52JBNY6I1

Despite the two-dimensional design, the game is given a special charm cartoon elements. The excellent drawing of localities and the characters themselves perfectly fit into the gameplay.

And the management is implemented in such a way that even a child can cope with it. You can use Hill Climb Racing 2 cheats and codes for android and ios for free. Get a lot of money, and promotional materials are disabled and all accessories are unlocked.


I have an IPad and often the game will close down on me. It’s not my connection as I have fibre to the house. It’s not a lack of memory as I have 9Gbytes available. No other game that I play exhibits the same symptoms. Can you suggest anything that improves my game.

A good, fun, addictive game that you can waste too. Much time on. Need to watch a lot of adverts to progress though.

Hill Climb Racing 2 hack

Honestly, this is better than the original. The ‘multiplayer’ (which is actually online ghosts racing you) is entirely optional – Some of the areas from the last game return here, along with new ones. It has great graphics, actual races are a fun new take on something that was confusingly named in the first place. There are new customization options and also parts that do things like a rollcage, jump suspension, and more. It’s great, I recommend it.


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