Indy Cat Match 3 hacking on Android and iOS. Get free bows, lots of money, cheats and codes. Tips for passing, boosters and tips. How to pass the levels, collect valuable resources. Indy Cat Match 3 – the clawed traveler is back and ready for new adventures.

Together with Ryzhik you have to solve several hundred puzzles, collecting unprecedented jewels in one row. But not everything is so simple, because on the way a cat always has complex tasks that require skill and a logical approach to solving them. On our site you will find codes for a large number of games 3 in a row. Codes are also available in the game Candy Valley.

Indy Cat Match 3 cheat

But collecting rubies with crystals for the sake of records is not the main goal of Indie, the cat traveler. He learned that in this fabulous country hidden tangle of fate, in search of which he spent half of his feline lives. And do you think he will miss the chance to seize this valuable artifact? Solve the first puzzles and get bonuses with which the path will be much easier and more interesting.

Indy Cat Match 3 cheat codes, hacking:

  • Infinite lives for one hour – FE#hmGhbncD
  • 10000 bows – DG#OrzxrQYu

Passing locations, you will discover new territories and gradually approach the solution of the hidden coil. But do not forget that the enemy has prepared for you a lot of dangers in the form of traps. With each new level, new obstacles will appear on the board, such as chains that prevent you from collecting the necessary elements. Use the tips and bonuses with which you can blow them up and go on.

Indy Cat Match 3 hack

On our site you will find cheats Indy Cat Match 3 for free on Android and iOS. You can get a lot of money for free, using codes you can significantly increase your level. This hacking will give you extra lives so that you can more quickly cope with your tasks. Go through this difficult path with a cat and get him the desired artifact.


  • about a thousand challenging puzzles;
  • search for an ancient artifact;
  • funny character;
  • table of achievements of players;
  • bright visual design;
  • various bonuses.

Some player reviews:

The new gem is a nice addition. For those complaining about the ads, when you lose, close and reopen the game. That bypasses them altogether.

Latest update stinks!!! Constantly freezing up. I have deleted the game & reloaded twice & even shut my phone down & restart. Helps, but only temporarily. I have been playing for an hour & had it freeze up twice. Each time I have tried to back out, but couldn’t even do that.

Please fix this or I’m gone which is sad to say, because I really enjoy this game! That’s why it only gets a 2 star. On top of everything else, I just reloaded it & it only got to 70%, then stopped. It’s been 10 minutes & has not started back up. I really like this game, but get almost to the end & there it goes-freezes up.


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