Max Payne Mobile-free on Android and iOS. Free to download the full version of the game, tips for passing, boosters and tips. Where to enter codes, how to use cheats and access valuable resources. Max Payne Mobile is a ported version of a computer game that won the hearts of millions of fans around the world and received a large number of sequels. Free play Bacterial Takeover, so you can get a lot of money in the game using cheat codes.

In the center of the plot is Max Payne – in the past, an agent of the department to combat drug trafficking. It so happened that he was set up, accusing him of killing his colleague and best friend. The hero is forced to hide from the police and at the same time try to find the real criminals. During the investigation, he gets on the trail of people who had killed his family several years earlier.

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The main thing for which you fell in love with the Max franchise is the atmosphere and the plot. The developers tried to recreate in the game the spirit of old noir detectives, like those shot by David Fincher. The project is not trying to entertain players only due to the dynamic action. He makes me feel the story of the main character, to feel his pain and feelings.

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Management in the game is implemented immediately in two ways. If you want, you can connect an external controller to your device. Or you can play using the touchscreen. The developers have implemented a function with which the player can customize the control for themselves, so you will not have to get used for a long time.

However, in the free version of Max Payne Mobile on Android / IOS and improved and the visual component. Improved shadow quality and texture resolution. Also made support for the aspect ratio of 16: 9, so that the characters and objects were not stretched.

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The game is not particularly demanding and run quietly on old devices. If you still have freezes, you can reduce the graphics settings in the menu. Max takes no more space than the standard port – about 1.3 GB. Virtually every device has so much free memory.

Some player reviews:

Yet another great port of a PS2 classic from Rockstar. The controls are simple, responsive, and very intuitive. It really holds up even today. Sure it isn’t the prettiest game you’ve seen. However you have to bear in mind that this came out early in the PS2 lifespan.

There are 2 problems which is preventing me from giving a 5 star rating: 1. I can’t connect to the Rockstar Social Club which is preventing me from accessing the cheats. I tried every method possible, but it’s not working. 2.

The Hard-boiled mode is way too difficult compared to the Fugitive mode. I know the actual difficulty of the game and the reason that you have to keep that to make it more challenging. But it is just too much for the mobile version. It actually matches the difficulty level of PC. Need fix on this ASAP.


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