Real Steel World Robot Boxing hack (a lot of money) for android – a spectacular fighting game with elements of an action for mobile devices. It is time to step out of the shadows and step onto the arena of the world ring, meeting the most powerful combat robots of the future. A beautiful drawing of characters and arenas will instantly take you to the future. Where the most exciting thing for humans is visiting tournaments, where every robot is a fighter of incredible strength. Are you ready to take part in the most exciting virtual event of your life? Then pump your mechanoid faster and start winning victories.

Also on the site you will find the codes for the game Clash Royale and learn how to use them. The first thing that needs to be done is to choose one of their 20 robotic fighters. It is this handsome man who is obliged to lead you to victory and glory, so choose him, taking into account the characteristics and additional skills. For victories, the robot will receive rewards that are worth spending solely on its upgrade. Each new opponent has more power, and if you do not pump your fighter, you will simply lose.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing cheat codes

  • Noisy Boy’s Prize – JRMN7A4J8T
  • Excavator’s Stash – K4KR5H4DBH
  • Twin Cities’ Bounty – XXFIXPLJ2Z
  • Atom’s Origin Pack – QJS6SCKDPV
  • Ambush’s Prize – 9ZIU0QY94J
  • Blockbuster’s Stash – N4WVUOM49N
  • Touch Down’s Chest – MYU608KWKV
  • Unlimited Energy – U0CNBU2DRV
  • Energy Core 7/7 – FIXQTEQKSE

Unfortunately, the endless fights are not provided in the game. With the exhaustion of the energy of a fighter (usually these are 5 fights). You will have to wait for the scale to fill up and only then continue on your way to victory. Single mode is not a priority.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing cheat

If you wish and have a good network coverage, you will be able to participate in real online tournaments. Before you enter into a fight with a real enemy, it is advisable to maximize the robot. To do this, on our site are codes Real Steel World Robot Boxing. With a lot of money, you can improve and improve all the properties of a fighter and gradually make your way to glory.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing characteristic:

  • 20+ robots with unique combat skills;
  • four game modes;
  • fights with friends on the Wi-fi network;
  • nice graphic component;
  • multiple improvements and customization;
  • convenient management;
  • Russian version.


I am pretty good at the game so I don’t need to complain that much. But 1, I will say give us at least 10 energy core and if not make the wait time a little faster. 2 I think that we should have a league that you can play in against other live players so you can have a bracket and you can chose your bot and select between the skill level you can play people. 3 I think in the paint shop you should have the black as 3 or 5 gold in stead of twelve I just thing that’s ridicules in my opinion. And everything else is perfect and what makes the game the game. Also maybe add in a new bot every week for not taking up to much space and you could put a discount on some of the bots in the shop. That is all my opinions for this game and I think that the developers had made a great game to this day. Also if any of the users made it this far into the description I have all the bots and someday you will to if you save your gold and play verses which is also the easiest way to make gold in my opinion also find me as Ben level 32.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing hack

This game i will admit is pretty good but it needs major changes. First off change the amount of coins you’re rewarded, i am farely good at this game and i’m able to beat robots way above my league but it’s seriously frustrating trying to LEVEL UP my robot to make those fights more fare. The upgrades are extremely costly and the coins earned is like the spare change in your couch, you need to raise the coins rewarded by atleast 2000 in tier 2.

I will be ok with either that or lowering the cost of upgrades by atleast 2000 in tier 2, now i understand it’s to keep the players engaged but it really just drives players away. 2nd make free battles cost no energy, it’s annoying that it rewards so little but still costs energy, raise the rewards or get rid of the energy cost. 3rd if you won’t change number two atleast add a mode that rewards none and costs none. Not a practice mode but a free fight, i would like if you added this mode anyways. These are major changes that would greatly improve this game. I want to see the game be better, but if these aren’t changed i’m afraid it will stay bad.


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