The Galaxy: Survivor hacking on Android / ios, cheat codes, bonuses and tips. Unlock weapons, a lot of money, tips and codes. The Galaxy: Survivor – multiplayer adventure in the genre of action-sandbox. You will become a daredevil who explores distant planets of the galaxy, where no man’s foot has ever gone. Practice your skills in the action game DEER HUNTER 2017.

You may not know what to expect on each of them. Therefore, upon arrival you need to establish a small base as a first thing, serving as a shelter and protection. Go on expeditions, find useful items and resources for crafting. Learn about the organisms living there, and try to survive in an enemy-minded environment.


Despite belonging to the popular survival genre, the application has striking differences from other games in this segment. Here, the upgrade system is very well thought out, both for the character and for his resources.

Raising the level of development of the hero, you get the opportunity to open unprecedented game horizons. That in turn gives the potential to create new items. Crafting is the second thing to download the game for. Here you will create futuristic guns and defenses, simply by finding the elements you need.


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The game has several modes, including cooperative survival with other users. You can arrange the whole settlement and fight together against the local settlers. First of all, various creatures can exist on these lands and they are unlikely to be happy for outsiders trying to master their planet. Therefore, cohesive action gives more chances to live to the next day.

Free cheat codes for The Galaxy: Survivor for Android, you will gain more features in the gameplay. Using cheat codes for endless crafting, you can build more reliable shelters and create an arsenal. Take advantage of this privilege to have a slight advantage over others.


Got this on offer, gotta say the graphics are amazing as well as the smooth gameplay. I have had 0 lag and no problems. Only thing is the amount of things to do. but the game is only in its beginning stage. So update will make it 100% worth buying. Over all I would say this is a very good game and worth a try.


This is a great start of a game. The graphics are pretty good, the game runs smoothly and its easy to build things. Since its in alpha, I know I can expect many more features to be added to the game in the future. However, there is one problem.

That is that the spelling and grammar in this game is not very good. I realise that the developers of this game probably don’t speak fluent English, but I think they should have someone who does speak English check over the grammar and spelling.


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