World of Tanks Blitz codes for Android – the cult multiplayer action for mobile devices. The project received a console graphic component and almost identical gameplay, due to which the excitement and hardcore did not diminish a bit. The game is released by the creators of the no less exciting World of Warships. Here, the most convenient navigation and there is a realistic driving physics, from which it becomes even more interesting to play. So on our site you can find codes for the game World War Heroes.

You have to fight with numerous opponents in the fields of World War II. All instances of steel technology – actually existed prototypes that took part in hostilities. For each battle, the player is allowed to choose the desired transport, but be careful, because each model has certain qualities. Here are about three hundred battle tanks, each of which may be in your hangar, however, to buy equipment, you will have to win more to earn the necessary amount.

World of Tanks Blitz cheat codes

  • Tiny Bundle – QRUU3O21M9
  • Lots of Gold – JCAGU6CEL2
  • Basic Bundle – OEFZ8DEMQ6
  • Basic Needs – PRHUSJHEJF
  • Legendary Kit – BT3PQM6UA5
  • Black Goldville Nugget – M0FWRUI2G8
  • Winner’s Loot – 7TUOS8H6GF

Battles take place in the network format, where you can play as a loner or cooperating with other gamers. The advanced game world offers more than twenty different locations with excellent detailing and features. You should also pay attention to the upgrade system, through which you will be able to pump your transport to achieve great results. In addition, in the game store you can purchase various elements of ammunition, as well as install certain types of weapons. Do not forget about the main thing – a strategic approach that will allow you to last longer on the battlefield.

World of Tanks Blitz code

On this page you can download the full version of the World of Tanks Blitz application for Android, where you can purchase any combat vehicle. Expand your knowledge of military affairs, develop tactical maneuvers and play in a team with other participants.

Characteristic World of Tanks Blitz:

  • console visual design;
  • Unlimited gold World of Tanks Blitz:
  • expanded game world, which includes more than twenty locations;
  • hundreds of models of combat vehicles from the mid-20th century;
  • dynamic battles with other users;
  • team passing;
  • modern upgrade system.


1.I started playing right around release and have seen the progression of the game all this time. I loved this game for a while after it came out and they were and still are constantly updating it and adding new content. However they started making some changes in late 2016 and finally the dreaded 3.8 update in 2017 killed it for me. In their add they advertised no timers but they ended up adding them, taking away the previous effective equipment system and added a new convulsed one with its own currency to get some more money. That along with a slew of other changes alienated a lot of players, myself included and I do not touch this game for a year. 

World of Tanks Blitz gold

I found out that in the last update they repealed the spare parts system and were compensating players. They also changed some unpopular things like restricting global chat and such. As it stands, it is a pretty good game still and they have gotten rid of some of the worst elements they had introduced earlier.

The reason it is a 4 out of 5 review is mostly because they have started a weird trend where they introduce bizarre fantasy tanks, some of which are quite overpowered but since they were premium tanks bought with real money for most, they can’t nerf the or take them away. With so many cool real and concept tanks, why are we getting Dracula tanks? Stick with what made the game so appealing in the first place.

World of Tanks Blitz hack

2. So I got the game awhile ago and well it’s actually a fun and addicting game although with many flaws that make it not so fun to play.
First of I want to say you should add a different price and cost of tanks.
I personally think it is just asking for to much money and experience, and I think many would agree. This game is more pay to play or get left behind trying to grind. Also the prices of the vehicles, you obviously expect me to sit there for days on end playing unfair matches trying to get 13k or more xp to research a tank then expect me to spend more time playing to get 400,000 coins to buy it for real.

Also you should add something to make matches more fair because me being on tier 4 I have to fight tier five and more than half the time I get matches that my tanks’ shots deflect and do flicks to their health and also can’t pierce the enemy’s armor unless I am like ten feet away. While on the other hand they can 3 shot me. This puts me at a huge disadvantage and makes it super hard to level up my tanks and get money. You guys should change the team making by like putting same tiers with same tiers.

To sum it up simply just make the tanks a little bit cheaper to research and buy, or make xp and money easier to get. Change the team making to make matches more fair. and make it kinda like war thunder tanks where they hit critical places and stuff, just like a little more realistic anyway hopefully you guys listen and get back to me


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